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Sign up and pass around: IA and UX course at GS Graduate School

I am excited to be joining Thom Haller in teaching the Information Architecture and User Experience course at the GS Graduate School this fall. We plan to make it real-world useful, and applicable for current practitioners as well as those who would like to learn more about the field.

So please sign up, and pass along to others who might be interested.

Overview to Course: Information Architecture and User Experience

Schedule: WEDNESDAY NIGHTS this fall for the 10-week class "Information Architecture and User Experience" at GS Graduate School (formerly USDA Graduate School), at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro stop (6PM-9PM).

Beginning next week, September 23rd, the class provides an in-depth exploration into the theory, craft, and real-world experience as an information architect/user experience professional.   The class is structured so all students identify and meet their goals. It serves as an environment for students to share workworld experiences and provides value for both new and established professionals.  The class provides a link between web technology, web management, and content structure, and user experience.


The class is taught by Thom Haller, a communications consultant with 12 years' experience teaching strategies for structuring information to support humans.  He is joined this term by Dave Burke, Manager at Washington Post Media.  Dave leads a cross-disciplinary team — designers, information architects, and developers — in the creation, support, and measurement of Washington Post web applications


Students find tremendous value in the course and some have taken it several times (because the field keeps growing and changing). Here's a testimonial from former student Victoria Perry:  “Since I have taken the course, I have continued to apply the information architecture and usability analysis skills I learned on a variety of projects.  Aside from the personal benefit, I believe the knowledge and practical experience I gained in this class are also recognized by others (work colleagues, potential employers, etc.).  While many busy, working professionals might be reticent to commit to more than a one-day seminar, this multi-week course was definitely worth the investment!”


Specific topics include the following:

  • The role and value of the information architect
  • Strategies and structures for helping humans
  • Process and user performance
  • Research, hierarchies, and labeling
  • Emergent architectures
  • Search/Information retrieval (with special guest James Melzer)
  • Prototypes, deliverables and AGILE processes
  • Content and content management
  • Usability research and testing
  • Individual reports

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