With a background in marketing, design, and technology, Dave Burke focuses on bridging disciplinary gaps to create web products that delight both users and business owners. [More...]

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Sign up and pass around: IA and UX course at GS Graduate School

I am excited to be joining Thom Haller in teaching the Information Architecture and User Experience course at the GS Graduate School this fall. We plan to make it real-world useful, and applicable for current practitioners as well as those who would like to learn more about the field.

So please sign up, and pass along to others who might be interested.

More details on the course after the jump. . . 

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Transitions 2009 Conference presentation: Agile development at The Washington Post

Thanks to all who organized and attended the Transitions 2009 conference at GW University. Here are the slides from my talk about how The Washington Post used agile methods to build a new product, TastePost.


Building communities inside the enterprise: wiki case study from The Washington Post

Here are the slides from my talk on implementing a wiki for collaboration and documentation at The Washington Post. This was delivered to Thom Haller's Information Architecture course at the USDA Graduate School.


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